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Why choose
Alleycat Entertainment?

Here are a load of reasons why we'll deliver a better experience for you than other music agencies:

We're small, and proud.

As musicians, our team have worked through the largest agencies in the country. And trust us, these agencies have no interest in getting to know you, your preferences, or even the bands they recommend to you. We have played at thousands of wedding and events on the ground, and only use acts we know and trust to deliver the very best entertainment for the situation. So as an agency, we are here for your questions, concerns, chitchat, and to help you get the perfect result you're looking for.

Song requests

Chances are the song you choose for your first dance at your wedding is special and unique to you. Our acts make it even more special by learning the track and performing it live for you, if you wish, at no additional cost. Truly a remarkable thing.

Add-ons / Additional Entertainment

We have spent years building relationships with other entertainers/suppliers that we've worked with and been hugely impressed by:

  • Photobooths

  • DJs

  • Light letters ("Mr & Mrs" etc)

  • Magicians

  • Chocolate Fountains

  • Acrobats/Dancers

  • Fireworks

  • Photographers/Videographers

  • and much more

You name it - we can provide it.

The boring but essential stuff

PAT Testing, Insurance, contracts, fuel costs, not hiding additional fees. All that stuff, taken care of, as transparently as is humanly possible.

We're truly bespoke.

No two events are the same. We'll work with you to deliver something personal and unique to you, with as little fuss as possible. Need a setlist changed? Saxophone added? DJ set afterwards? An acoustic version of the band for a daytime set? All pink attire? No problem, we're just a friendly conversation away.

Our acts

We don't have thousands of acts that never get booked. We have carefully selected acts that are not only great musicians, but that are professional, kind, punctual, and will give you a stress-free event that you'll remember for years to come. It's because of this intimate relationship between us, our acts and our clients that we have such a great track record and repeat customers!


We don't assume that you'll know what "everything covered" means when it comes to PA system, lighting, DJ, equipment etc. That's our job, to make sure you feel safe in the knowledge that we really do have everything covered.


Planning an event has enough organisation involved. We keep things simple, concise, clear and - just because that's who we are - friendly. Our FAQs below have a whole host of commonly asked questions, so head there first, but if you can't find the answer you're looking for just shoot us a no obligation email or a quick call!

  • Terms & Conditions
    PAYMENT To secure the band or act you would like to book, a deposit of 20% of the total fee would be due to be paid at your earliest convenience. Once the deposit has been paid, the booking is then secure. The deposit will be removed from the total fee. The date for the booking will be held for you provisionally until the deposit is paid. The band/act will have the right to entertain any other enquiries for your event date, but will make you (the client) aware of any such enquiries should they occur and before any booking is accepted.  CANCELLATIONS Once the booking has been accepted by both parties, you (the client) have the right to cancel up to 12 weeks before the event at the loss of your deposit. Any cancellation within 12 weeks of the booking will require 30% of the total fee. Any Cancellation within 4 weeks of the event will require 50% of the fee. Cancellation of the booking on the week or day of event will require 100% of the fee. If the cancellation is due to government guidelines or a Force majeure, then you will receive 100% of any fee that has been paid to date. In the case of any Cancellation from the band or act, Alleycat Entertainment agrees to refund fully any payment that has been made by the Client prior to the event. Please note this is highly unlikely and would only come into effect in case of accident or emergency. If the band do have an emergency on the day and feel they cannot fulfill their agreement, Alleycat Entertainment LTD would give the option of trying to provide an alternative band/act or 100% of your  money back. The alternative band/act would be of equal standard to the band/act you are booking. The Alternative band/act would be subject to availability on the day. RESPONSIBILITIES The band/act are to supply their own equipment, PA and lighting if agreed between both parties. The use of PA for speeches, "DJ music" or any other use, will be left to the supplier of the PA'S discretion and should be agreed prior to the event. The band will make sure to arrive at the agreed time and perform to the best of their ability. TIMINGS Timings are to be agreed with the band before the event. Please allow sufficient setting up time (usually around 90mins, but variable band to band to be discussed) and plan that into your day. The bands cannot be held responsible for a change of timings during the event if they have not had sufficient setting up time. If the venue/event has restrictions, or a change in timings on event day not caused by the band, causing the band to not be able to fulfil their agreed on set-times, the band/act shall not be held responsible or liable. The acts will also need time at the end of the performance to pack down. REQUIREMENTS The band/act will require refreshments of soft drinks as a minimal requirement. Any alcohol will be left to the clients discretion, but the option is often appreciated by the band/act. If the band are due to be on site for longer than 4 hours, then a hot meal (buffet food would also be suitable) would be required for all band/act members and assistants. Ensuring the catering/bar staff are aware of the agreement between the client and the band will ensure the smoothest running of your day. Any dietary requirements should be discussed prior to the event. If a hot meal is not possible, please let us know at the earliest convenience.
  • Can the band play an acoustic set for my wedding ceremony/drinks reception before the main event?
    Yes! For an additional cost and dependant on the request each of our acts can provide this service.
  • Can I choose the music?
    Our acts are performance professionals with many years of experience. They know what works and what doesn't in different environments and so their standard set lists reflect this. However, they each have a huge repertoire of other material to draw from so please do request your favourite tracks from those lists! Your choice is the most important thing, we just ask that you also trust your entertainment act to use their expertise to deliver the best event possible - crafting a dancefloor-packing setlist is a skill!
  • Will you learn a new song for us?
    Yes! Our acts are more than happy to learn your first dance or a signature song for your event to perform live if you wish.
  • Does the band play during dinner?
    If you are booking a party band, they usually play after dinner once people have digested and are ready to dance. If you'd like a more acoustic or jazz-based set for during a dinner, this can of course be arranged.
  • How long does the band play for?
    This can vary. Most popular is 2x1hr sets with a break (DJ playlist) in between. Also reasonably common is 3x40min sets. It's up to you, but we can discuss what would work best for your evening.
  • Can the band DJ during their breaks?
    Yes, an un-manned DJ playlist is included! We can happily use your own playlist (either shared through Spotify, or by plugging in your device), or alternatively if you'd like a human DJ on the decks this can also be arranged at an additional fee.
  • Does the band provide a sound system?
    Yes, all bands supply their own sound system and lighting. All they will need is a large enough space to perform and some power sockets with a stable electricity supply.
  • What is a "Limiter" and how will it affect our event?"
    A limiter is a meter that measures noise volume (using decibels or dBs) and can cut the power of the band if the volume exceeds a certain level. All too often, this limiter is set so low that the sound of guests clapping or cheering can trigger the power to cut out. Many venues these days have one, and it can be very problematic for bands, organisers and clients. A lot of venues will take advantage of an unknowing wedding couple by not mentioning that their venue has a limiter, or downplaying it. This is an extremely concerning trend in live entertainment. A quick guide if the limiter is next to the band: Under 90dB: Impossibly quiet. A live party band at this volume may not be viable, as this is the same volume as a hairdryer! 90-95dB: Still very quiet. Drummer will not be able use an acoustic drum kit, the band will have to use electric drums or percussion, and may still trigger the limiter. Guests may get frustrated at the quietness and the band will likely be pestered to turn up. Above 95dB: Should be fine to have one of our bands performing in their usual way. Above 100dB: No problems at all. Because of this, please insist before booking your venue that they reveal: If they have a Limiter in use at their venue If so, where it is located. This can make a huge difference: outside, next to the band, at the other end of the room etc. The limiter settings in decibels Whether or not they use their limiter as a general guide to noise levels, or whether it will turn the power off if triggered.
  • Can the band stay late on the night of?
    Yes. Often hotel rooms are required for the band members for notably late gigs or long distances as well as an additional fee; our priority is to keep our acts safe. However, this can of course be arranged, assuming the venue doesn't have limitations on live music.
  • What instrumentation do you recommend?
    Every event is different and needs to reflect you, your guests, and the space. There is no one absolute solution, so get in touch with more information and we'll work with you to provide some options that would suit you best.
  • Can we use your sound equipment for speeches?
    This is often no problem at all. Do let us know your needs so that we can confirm, particularly considering the space (where the speeches will be made in relation to the band etc) and taking Covid-19 into consideration also.
  • Can you MC my event?
    This can be arranged for an additional fee, and is something most of our bands do often.
  • Can I see the band perform before I book them?
    Our band and acts primarily perform at private events, meaning getting a chance to see them can be tricky. However, occasionally they will perform public events which you will be able to get tickets for. We endeavour to provide the highest quality (and authentic/live) recorded video material for this purpose. Please get in touch for more information.
  • How far ahead of the event will you be in touch to go over the details?
    We can arrange this based on your preferences, but generally at the time of the booking we'll get a general sense of the running, and we'll keep in touch as the day approaches.
  • How much do I pay and when?
    We take a 35% deposit upon booking, and 65% will be payable before the band plays. Please see Ts & Cs of our contract. (One month free cancellation period from date of booking)
  • Who will be my contact on the day of my event?
    We will put you in touch with your act's Band Leader, who will be your main contact. However, should you need to contact us, we'll be available where possible.
  • What does the band require on the night?
    A general rule in events is: the happier your suppliers are, the happier everyone will be! Aside from the few hours of energetic playing, the band will likely have been on the road for hours, loaded equipment in early before the guests arrive, and not get home until the early hours of the morning. A hot meal, drinks provided, and a warm safe place for them to change, hang out and store their belongings will always ensure the happiest band. We understand this can't always be the case, so please let us know what to expect so the band can be prepared. Please also ensure that the caterers/bar management are aware of the musicians and the agreed scenario, as this will ensure the smoothest running on the day so you are not interrupted.
  • Can the band play outside?
    Absolutely. Please take into consideration the time of year, time of day, weather and cover that will be provided. There is a lot of electrical equipment and the musicians will of course not play in the rain, risking damage to their equipment. Cold weather (even on a Summer's evening) can affect fingers and instruments, and therefore our acts ability to perform at their best. We can help you to find solutions to any event where playing outside is required.
  • What size stage will the band need in order to be able to fit?
    Generally an area of 7m Wx5m D is sufficient for a standard 5-piece act, however please do let us know specifics so we can ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment. Equally, it is not always necessary to supply a raised staging area.
  • How long do the band need to set up?
    90 mins is generally sufficient. Please take into consideration what time guests will be coming into the space as to when the band will need to set up, as the acts will need some time to soundcheck to ensure the best performance possible. We can talk through this all with you as you consider your options.
  • What is a good time for the band to play at my event?
    At a wedding or event, always be prepared for proceedings to run later than expected. Often the dinner and speeches run over - this is totally normal. Also, consider the type of guests you have; are they quick to the dancefloor or do they take more persuading? As guests need time to digest food (and potentially alcohol) before dancing, it often works out that around 8.30pm-9.30pm is a good time for the first set, and 10-11pm for the second set, followed by DJ playlist. Daylight is also something to consider - starting the music at 7pm in Summer (aka full daylight!) can often make people more self-consious about dancing. We find often that when the sun goes down, so does the hair.
  • Can I request/guarantee specific band members?
    You can certainly ask! Unfortunately we can’t always guarantee that certain members of the band will be available for your event. All members of each band are full-time professional musicians and as such, have various other commitments/projects/tours. Every band has a wide range of top quality deps who gig with them regularly, so you can rest assured that the quality of their live shows will not be compromised.
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